House of Wax (2005) Reviewed

A remake in name only, this House of Wax has virtually nothing in common with its namesake. A truck full of unlikable college students gets sidetracked on their way to a football game. They come upon a deserted one-road town where a pair of brothers (separated Siamese twins!) hunt down wayward travelers, encase them alive in hot wax, making them permanent residents of the ghoulish full-town exhibit. There’s lots of explicit gore. A finger is clipped with bolt cutters and a still-living kid has his faced ripped off. Paris Hilton makes her much-publicized feature debut and holds her own with the other bad actors. She does a sexy PG-13 striptease and spends a lot of time being viewed through the lens of a video camera (Prolly an acknowledgment of her famous homemade porno.) After a very slow start HoW starts to pay off with some nice set pieces and nasty kill scenes. This house of wax is actually made of wax, which makes for an interesting if implausible climax. Though conventional by most horror standards, this movie makes up for story and characters with beheadings and impaling- not a bad trade.

~ by Number5ive on February 22, 2010.

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