Blog Lagoon’s 31 Days of Halloween, Day 14: Spend an Evening with Vincent Price – Part One

My love for Vincent Price has caused me to accumulate a sizable archive of Price-related audio files, and I like to share around Halloween time on this blog. So why not spend a lonely October evening with Vincent Price? …Have you ever considered that?  Because I have. It’s the perfect time of year! He’ll read to you, play games with you, and maybe even sing you a song or two before bedtime. 

I take no credit (or responsibility) for ripping the original files, so hats off to those folks, wherever they are. That said, everything here is from a wide array of sources, but I’m also pretty sure that just about everything here is either out of print, no longer available for sale, or in the public domain. But if I’m wrong, big effin’ deal I’m sure someone will tell me. 

Vincent Price Reads Edgar Allan Poe.
These shares are broken into two zip files:
Price Does Poe I:
Here we have two cuts taken from LPs I’m guessing are from the late 60s. Each file is from one side of two different albums. One album cover says “Edgar Allan Poe, The Imp of the Perverse and Other Tales” I’m not sure where the other tales are but they’re not here. What we DO have is a lovely reading of Poe’s Ligeia Both tracks are about 15 minutes long. There are also two readings of The Raven. One, from the opening of the Roger Corman film, is abridged and the other is taken from the soundtrack of a short film adaptation of the poem. [click]
Price Does Poe II:
Two more LP files…The Gold Bug and Morella [click]

Fun with Vincent. 
A single zip file featuring this trick ‘r treat bag of  Vincent Price goodies:
*CO STAR The Record Acting Game — All nine tracks from this “acting game” record. I guess there were a series of these, each with a different actor(?). According to the cover “YOU ACT SCENES OPPOSITE YOUR FAVORITE STAR” …assuming, I suppose that your favorite star is Vincent Price. Which, for me, he is. So, who wants to play?
*The original sound booth recording session of Vincent working on the rap from Michael Jackson’s Thriller. For added creepiness, MJ’s voice is in there too.
*“You’ve Got a Friend” sung by Vincent Price and the Muppet monsters. This is from the Price-hosted episode of The Muppet Show.
*”The Monster Mash” as interpreted by Mr. Price. This is probably the worst version of this song ever recorded (and that’s saying something), but I love it with all my heart and soul. [click]

More Vincent Price shares coming soon in a future post.

Did you know that lots of Vincent Price’s classic horror movies are in the public domain and available to watch…for FREE…right NOW? Because they are!


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