Blog Lagoon’s 31 Posts of Halloween: Spend an Evening with Vincent Price — Part 2

[This is the second part of a superduper Halloween share from the Vincent vaults. The first half of the share is here.]

First up, a transmission from WVPR; Vincent Price Radioooo.  
*Simon Templar, aka The Saint, was played by Roger Moore on the TV show (–a credit that probably didn’t hurt him when they were casting a new James Bond.) and byVal Kilmer, in a reportedly bad movie from the early 90s (which I’ve never seen.) But from 1944 to 1951 Templar was portrayed by Vincent Price on NBC radio. My guess, having not seen any of the other incarnations, is that Price made the smoothest Saint of the three. Each episode’s story was centered on one of  Templar’s private detective cases. The episode included here, “The Ghost that Giggled,” seems season-appropriate.

*Suspense! was a long-running CBS radio show that was on the air from 1942 all the way up to 1962(!) which I guess kinda’ makes it The Simpsons of old-time radio. This episode is from October 18, 1958. It’s a Halloween episode, and one of the series’ most memorable: “Three Skeleton Key.”

*The Price of Fear was a 22-episode horror/mystery series that the BBC broadcast in the 1970s. Price was both the host and star of each episodes’ unrelated stories. Included here, from July 1973, is “The Waxworks.”

*Another nice find originally broadcast on the BBC in the 70s; Kaleidoscope was a regular radio series that did in-depth coverage of arts and culture. A half-hour profile on Vincent Price, “In the Lair of Vincent Price,” is included in the zip file and for fans of the man — this is particularly cool and enlightening.

Vincent Price Story Albums
Here are some Vincent Price LPs, mostly from the 70s I think. The first three linked below are collections of stories presumably released on the same label. The last link is for a very odd spoken-word 2-LP album called Vincent Price, Witchcraft & Magic. It’s four sides of Price giving a history lesson on the occult, and telling tales related to the titular subjects. I’m pretty sure all four albums are out of print and unavailable for sale. (I’ve seen these shared in numerous places before so “no infringement intended” as they say.)

A Coven of Witches Tales

A Graveyard of Ghost Tales

Tales of Witches, Ghosts, and Goblins Told by Vincent Price

Vincent Price, Witchcraft & Magic

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