Blog Lagoon’s 31 Posts of Halloween: Halloween Night with the Cool Ghoul

Here’s a really great share that I’ll be listening to every Halloween from here to eternity. Zacherley (The Cool Ghoul) is probably the most prolific, and popular TV horror host (just ahead of Cleveland’s own Ghoulardi and buxom bombshell Elvira). Here is one of his annual Halloween radio broadcasts from a local NYC station. The share originally appeared on Universal Horror Sounds  (a great blog!) and it’s one of the best Halloween-related downloads I’ve ever stumbled upon. The broadcast is split between two zip files each of which contain individual segments without commercials. The files are numbered so that you can be sure to listen to them in the correct chronological order.

1988 Zacherley Halloween Radio Broadcast Part One

1988 Zacherley Halloween Radio Broadcast Part Two 
Here’s a great interview with Zach on the old Mike Douglas show from 1975!

Before we wrap up this post, I’d be an ingrate if I didn’t give a shout out to the local Dayton horror host who’s responsible for some of the Gill Man’s first encounters with scary movies. Channel 22’s own Dr. Creep!

~ by Number5ive on October 31, 2010.

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