Blog Lagoon’s 31 Posts of Halloween: SPOOOOOOKY Sounds of Halloween…

Here’s the first part of a Halloween sound effects record share that I wish I would have posted earlier in the month so you could have them to play on beggar’s night. …I’ve just been so swamped here in the Lagoon this month that keeping up with Halloween posts has been challenging. But aaaanyway…

I used to love sound effects records when I was a kid and I can’t even really explain why. Looking back I can’t imagine how sitting cross-legged on the floor next to my flip-top Bee-Gees portable record player just listening to a collection of 5 second tracks of miscellaneous sounds could have been any fun at all. But evidently I thought it was.

Halloween sound effects records make a little more sense — especially when we’re talking about a kid who couldn’t help but enjoy scaring himself silly. As a kid, one of my favorite records (which I posted last year with some more Disney-related audio stuff) was this one:

Released in 1973, Chilling, Thrilling Sounds of the Haunted House featured a collection of sounds from the Disney catalog  (including screams, ghostly moans, fighting cats, barking dogs, and even some rather random outer space sounds) on one side. The other side used those sounds to tell short stories introduced by the amazing voice talent, Laura Olsher. The first track on that side is the one that used to really do a number on me. There’s a laugh hidden in there, amid all the other great noises, that still makes my blood run cold. Download the album, give it a listen, and try to find the one I’m talking about. It sounds like maybe a witch — but not in the high-pitched cackley way you’d expect. It was something deeper and a little closer to Mercedes McCambridge’s demon voice in The Exorcist.

Here are some similar (though never as great) Halloween records,  perfect for cranking up in the living room while you’re passing out candy to little monsters:

Ghostly Sounds (Peter Pan Records – 1975)

Hallowe’en Spooky Sounds (1962)

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