31 Days of Halloween, Day 6 – The Devil, You Say?

Killer Kids Week will resume tomorrow, but a 12 hour work day has left this blogger a little worse for the wear. So instead…Enjoy SATANIC AUDIO FROM THE BLOG LAGOON ARCHIVES!

What we have here are two remarkably strange 70s LPs ripped to mp3; both of which are devilishly insane. The first one is “The Rite of Exorcism” and I can only guess that it was conceived of during the satanic obsession sparked by The Exorcist over three decades ago. Disappointingly, there’s a serious shortage of instructional incantation how-tos here. It’s essentially a story record, but the story supposedly utilizes the actual Catholic rites one would recite during an exorcism.  So, grab a pen and paper and listen closely I guess. If you need credibility the good Rev. Patrick J. Berkery, Ph.D’s name is all over it. Whoever that is.

In the same zip file, the other side to that coin: “The Satanic Mass!” — and this one is exactly as advertised. A Satanic … priest (?) … tells you all you need to know about why Christianity is so passe. Better yet he does it in a nasally, decidedly ineffective voice that’s tainted with some regional accent I can’t quite place. (Touches of Boston in there? New England? Who cares!) And it’s all set to music that ranges from what you’d expect to wildly inappropriate chirpy springtime melodies. Outside of that, and the most excellent album cover this side of Danzig, there’s not much I can tell you about this album either. Where it came from, who recorded, when, why?…all mysteries to me.

To give credit where it’s due — by which I mean taking no credit for myself — I did not rip these albums nor do I remember their original download sources. I pick up lots of weird shit from lots of weird places, but I knew these two albums just had to be zipped up and handed over for Halloween. Maybe YOU can pass up two twistedly bizarre devil-themed records, but I sure can’t.  So, here you go folks. Download them and have a party. Raise Satan with one album and exorcise him the hell out of there with the next.

Enjoy. >:)P

~ by Number5ive on October 6, 2011.

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